I am cultivating a particular scenario for The Husband’s birthday and book an hotel for two nights of sex, drugs and debauchery.

The scenario involves an older, confident and experienced bull who wants to ravage me in front of him. An effective ‘bull’ is the vital piece of the puzzle for a three person cuckold/wife experience. He’s not just there to fuck the wife in front of her husband, he needs to understand, play with, and enhance the psychological elements. Again, it’s an extremely delicate balance to achieve and I’m keen to get the dynamic as right as possible.

I want to find someone who I’m desperate to fuck and is equally desperate to fuck me. At the same time, he has to be into the whole effect on The Husband. He needs be focused on my pleasure while equally playing with making him feel sexually inadequate. Overplaying or underplaying any of the role could ruin the whole vibe in an instant. And then there’s the whole question of potential performance anxiety. It’s a big wishlist.

He is short, stocky, of Italian descent, and not too bright. We name him Rocky.

When we first meet, he’s much more smiley than I had expected. In his photos he’s quite stern looking and dressed in suit. But in reality, he’s a warm, friendly, casually dressed guy with cropped grey hair. We have a beer and chat freely. We talk about his work, Italy, football and baking – I really do have a versatile conversational repertoire.

But I’m getting impatient to get into the real discussion at hand, keen to find out if he has the sexual credentials I’m looking for. Again, the venue is all wrong. Too crowded, too close to both of our workplaces, and tables too close together to talk filth.

We relocate to a quiet corner in a more anonymous pub. We talk through practicalities and expectations. He touches my leg and leans in for a kiss. It feels dangerous and thrilling. I repeat the proposed scenario and he gets it immediately. This fella has definitely got the patter. There’s an effective combination of adoration and affection mixed with sexual dominance as he tells me what he’s going to do to me. I’m wet already.

He’s already told me about his formidable baking skills and shown me pictures of his creations. But the icing on the cake for me that day is the big reveal about the size of his penis. Picking up his beer glass he indicates that his cock would have difficulty fitting into its circumference.

I head home with plans to meet again, a big grin on my face, and a spring in my step.

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