Rear Window

What is it with bumholes?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite the fan of arse action. But the amount of interest and preferences across the online forums is verging on the obsessive. There’s a pattern emerging and I’m inundated with requests for rimming and anal sex.

One guy even sends me a short POV video clip of him fucking a woman’s butt from behind. It was very well shot and incredibly hot. But I did have to tell him off for sharing images of another woman without her consent. Whilst some men enjoy being berated, it certainly didn’t do it for him, and the conversation quickly dried up.

The first time I get down and dirty with Top Gun he’s straight in there. As soon as he’d licked my pussy for a polite amount of time, he couldn’t restrain himself from getting his tongue in my arse as quickly as he possibly could. Even as he’s fucking me he’s continually reaching round with his hands.

Luckily, this is no surprise to me and I am prepared for any eventuality. The Husband has invested in an anal douche. He’s enjoying the shopping as much as I am. It’s fun trying it out and has quickly become a part of the ritual of getting me ready for my encounters. But any wrong move is dangerous. When we try it for the first time, he inserts it too quickly and I jump, jerking my elbow back into his face and almost break his jaw.

Unsurprisingly, my first anal adventure of the new era is with Top Gun. I’m comfortable enough with him now and when I suggest we could try it next time we meet, he’s so excited that I think his eyes are going to pop out of his head. We haven’t seen each other for a few weeks and I’ve planned our date as part of The Husband’s debaucherous birthday week celebrations.

He meets me at the bus stop as usual and we hug like long lost friends. He’s more subdued than normal but livens up once the wine starts flowing – maybe it’s all the pressure and anticipation of actual arse action. I’ve offloaded my woes to him on past occasions so am happy to reciprocate by listening to his work problems while we eat pizza and drink wine. But it does mean there’s quite a delay until he suggests we ‘adjourn to the bedroom’.

I’m not sure either of us is madly in the mood for passionate fucking, but we go through the motions and I’m quite enjoying myself by the time he suggests me sitting on his face. He’s licking my cunt and fingering my bum while I suck on his cock. After a bit of obligatory fanny sex, he tells me how much he wants to fuck my arse and I willingly oblige. I’m on my back as he slowly pushes inside me. It’s exciting and delightfully dirty.

It’s the dirtiness that makes it so much fun. The actual sex is a bit monotonous and we eventually give up for a rest. Before long, it’s time for The Husband to pick me up and I dash off, looking forward to telling him that I’ve lost my cuckold anal cherry. That night he happily rims me for a very long time.

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