Easter Parade

We’ve known each other for over a quarter of a century and still love each other madly. But it hasn’t always been plain sailing, and many of our major problems and breakthroughs have been about working through our complex sexual issues, both individually and together. Completely by chance, Easter seems to have played a major role in this over the years. It’s nothing to do with religion, bunnies or chocolate, it’s just that the pressures of balancing parenting, careers and domestic life often came to a head or got resolved over the long weekend. And coincidentally, this year was no exception.

We had delayed our break for a few days while he was working, and booked ourselves a hotel for a dirty weekend. We needed to get away, reconnect and spend some time looking after each other. But was only after we’d booked it that we realised it was yet another Easter milestone.

The sex, drugs and rock and roll are all organised when The Husband drops a comment about a potential bull that I’d been talking to. It hadn’t been in the original plan and the dude in question had gone quiet, but it does bring to mind Moby Dick and his remarkable penis.

I had been back to fuck him once more since our first intense session.  Without the initial adrenalin, the second time was a bit samey, although he still displayed an impressive degree of enthusiasm and energy. And it soon became apparent why… he was only 34 years old and had lied about his age. No wonder he had so much stamina! He had managed to pull it off because of the grey in his hair and by growing his beard out whenever he met me. While I was really put out by the lie, he did challenge my basic assumptions about younger guys. I had thought that dudes under 40 would lack sexual confidence and be judgemental about my ageing wobbly bits. Apparently he had tried to contact me early on in my quest and I had turned him down straight away based on his age. His perseverance showed me how wrong I could be.

I send him a message asking if he would be interested in fucking me in front of The Husband and he responds enthusiastically. He doesn’t fit many of the key bull characteristics in terms of making a show of humiliating The Husband. But from my perspective, he’s still a promising prospect – a nice guy with a fit body, a huge rock hard cock, and plenty of staying power.

When the day arrives, true to form, I am coming down with a terrible cold. I’m achy with a sore throat and not feeling in the least bit sexy. If I hadn’t already paid for the hotel I would definitely be pulling out. And to top it all, I’ve developed a complex about the risk of bleeding during sex. I’ve been for the whole sexual health check-up and started taking the contraceptive pill both as extra protection and to regulate my periods through peri-menopause. Because of my age and hormonal changes, the bleeding isn’t unusual and the doctor reckons it will calm down over the next couple of months. It’s an ongoing process to get to the bottom of it and sort out what works best for me. But the issue is especially problematic with this guy because of his size and vigour, and it’s making me super self-conscious, affecting my enjoyment.

But being the champ I am, I load up on codeine cold medication, buy a bottle of whiskey, and invest in a luscious black plush blanket to disguise any potential mess. The Husband helps me prepare with an anal douche and get into my favourite pinup lingerie, and soon enough I start to feel a bit sexier, if a little blurry around the edges.

I thought he was going to message when he arrives, so the knock on the door startles me. He takes off his jacket and I get him to sit on the side of the bed next to me while The Husband sees to the drinks. I sense that he’s a little nervous and reassure him as he tells me it’s his first time. I completely take control and start to snog and feel him up. He’s soon settled and back to his horny self, telling me how sexy I look. I help him undress and as he lies back on the bed, I sense The Husband walk round to the other side of the bed to get a good look at me with a magnificent cock in my mouth.

He starts fucking me on my back and I can tell that he’s trying to ignore the audience. He rolls me over so I’m directly facing The Husband who is sitting on a sofa across the room. We make eye contact as I am being fucked hard from behind by a younger man, and it’s extremely hot. He looks at me with a blissed out, happy expression full of admiration. And as Moby Dick unexpectedly slams his cock into my arse, my expression is pretty shocked and pleasurable too.

We’re going at it impressively for ages before he cums for the first time and we collapse in a sweaty heap. Clearly he’s starting to feel a little more comfortable with the situation as we both fall asleep for a short time spooning. The Husband describes it as ‘very sweet’. After a reviving power nap, he starts to get frisky again, still avoiding eye contact with the audience but ravaging me as enthusiastically as ever. The whole event is slightly blurry for me due to the heady mix of my impending flu, adrenalin, alcohol and cold medication, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, with him taking control and doing all the work throughout. By the time he cums a second time, I am tired, quite relieved, and desperate to take a piss. I quickly get up, indicating to The Husband to follow me into the bathroom where he licks my pussy clean.

Our guest is suitably appreciative and heads off into the night after a shower and a reasonable degree of not-too-awkward small-talk. The remainder of the weekend is then spent in a blissed-out blur of love and affection until I finally succumb to the worst flu I’ve had in years.

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