The Mechanic

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is that the best experiences come from the most unexpected situations. When my expectations are low, I’m often the most pleasantly surprised.

As part of the current wave, I agree to meet a guy for an impromptu coffee on my way to a work meeting one afternoon. There’s been minimal flirting, no dick pics, and I’m not sure if I even fancy him. But I’m keen for a new adventure and he seems pleasant enough.

We both pull into the car park at the same time and immediately recognise each other. He’s shy and I take control of the conversation, trying to put him at ease. I have an easy escape route as I’ve only got half an hour before I need to dash off. We talk about our funny and weird dating experiences, drink our coffee, and it’s time for me to go. In the car park, he hugs me. He smells nice as he puts his big strong arms around me and I get a slight tingle.

He’s quiet and not particularly sparklingly witty, but he seems like a nice guy and has the whole dark, hairy, stocky, strong, manly thing happening that I like.

He’s a car mechanic. So, unsurprisingly, we name him The Mechanic.

Whoever said that it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for was definitely on the money with this one. He sends a polite message to tell me how much he enjoyed meeting me. I reply the same, but have to be honest and share that such a short meeting isn’t enough to tell if there’s any sexual chemistry there or not. I tell him I’m not sure there’s enough ‘grrrr’ between us. His reply mentions something about pinning me to the bed and ravaging me till I’m a hot, sticky mess. It hits the spot.

I agree to drop round his house for a drink the following week and see how it goes. I’m nervous pulling into his driveway and have no idea what to expect. He’s been renovating his house and I like what he’s done, he has reassuringly good taste, and I start to relax as he pours me a glass of wine and introduces me to his dogs [not a euphemism].

I’m sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter when he comes over to kiss me. His kissing is confident and I’m enjoying his big strong hands on me. He steers me into his bedroom, ready with soft lighting and comfy looking sheets.

His cock is nice and thick, he gives great head, and he moves me around the bed confidently. But as ever with these older dudes, his cock doesn’t necessarily do what he wants it to. I’m getting used to this now, and we have a bit of a break, lying naked, chatting and stroking each other.

He’s had some dramas with women in the past and it turns out that he’d done some internet stalking to find out more about me. When we met for coffee I had completely dropped the ball and revealed way too many clues about what I do in my real life. I had clearly underestimated both his cautiousness and his initiative. While it felt a bit creepy that he’d found out my name and occupation, I couldn’t help but be impressed with his resourcefulness.

After the revelations had settled, we return to our snogging and fondling. I’m getting the sense that he likes it rough, a fact that encourages me greatly. He flips me over onto my front and straddles me as he strokes my arse and starts to slide into me. He pulls my arse up in the air and starts to ease his thumb into my butt as he fucks me harder before pulling out to spunk all over me.

I am surprised at how ravaged I feel and drive home in a daze. I wasn’t even convinced that I would actually shag this dude, so the tale of my date success is an equally pleasant for The Husband to hear too.

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Good question. The Husband always knows about my dates in advance – where I’m going, who with, and when to expect me home. But the exact details and what I agree to remain a surprise! You’ll have to keep reading to find out if The Mechanic has boyfriend potential x

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